Start small, but start.

If you are going through a hard time at the moment, please know that you are never alone and that this pain is temporary. Life is yours for the taking, though I understand how small it can feel when you're living between four walls. However, I believe that together we can all find ways to make it rich, exciting and alive with hope.

Remember, the greatest adventures are still ahead of us all. The most magical sunsets are still to be observed. You have a lifetime of laughter that will burst from your belly. You will love, and be loved, more than you ever knew was humanly possible. You will make new friends, and drift apart from those who are not right for you. You will dance to new songs that you've waited your whole life for to sing the melodies of your soul. You will escape within the pages of books that will open your imagination and expand your understanding of the world. You will try new things that you never thought you could do. You will wake up and face the day, without worry or excruciating pain.

There is so much life beyond this illness, and there is so much life to experience during it. The journey towards healing, though frustrating and often isolating, need not be a constant uphill struggle that we face in solitude. Our situations are hard enough, so let's aim to lighten the load for ourselves and each other.

Please never believe the ridiculous  narrative that you have to be 100% recovered before you are worthy of a life that you love. And do not fear to reach for moments of wonderment for fear of those who do not care to understand your predicament, judging whether you're really "that" ill, or if you can do A why aren't you able to do B? You do not need to explain, or prove yourself to anyone so live your life on your terms and live it with pride.

Start small, but start now and surround yourself with the things that bring you joy, peace, laughter and that make you feel most alive.

We'll all get through this, stronger together.

Love always,

Holly xXx