Rest creatively

Rest creatively

For rest to truly be restorative, it has to serve your mind, body and soul. There's often a real conflict of interest as we try our best, fumbling our way through to find the right balance. A rested body with a restless mind can feel relentless, and inevitably sacrifices even more energy from our already depleted resources.

Taking simple steps to find the appropriate balance is paramount. And sometimes just making it through the day is more than enough. Surround yourself with the things that make you feel alive. The things that bring you joy and the things the create a sense of calm.

You deserve to feel happiness, to feel fulfilment, to express your creativity and to feel hopeful, especially when you're stuck in the thick of it.

Notice the moments when you experience even the tiniest reduction in symptoms.

What were you doing?

Who were you with?

And how did you feel?

Make a note of it.

Take pride in yourself as you watch the pages slowly but surely begin to fill with positivity and progress. Subsequently, in the moments you're struggling, you have written proof that your actions are able to create results. That healing is not impossible. That there can be light and laughter during the most testing times. That set backs are inevitable, but each and every time you will survive. You'll come unstuck.

You've got this.

Love always,

Holly xXx 💌