Gut health - the good, the bad and the booch

Yay, I’ve just received my order of what is, in my opinion, the absolute best kombucha you can buy. ‘Life kombucha’ is made in small batches in gorgeous St Ives, Cornwall and is now available for delivery.

Gut health is so important, and anyone with chronic health problems knows just how frustrating it can be to try and heal from the inside out, when anything and everything seems to aggravate your symptoms.

Adding kombucha into your diet is a really simple but effective way to promote good gut health, but if you already have a sensitive stomach, trying hold your nose and force down the often ridiculously vinegary taste you’ve no doubt experienced with some brands, is really not easy.

Life Kombucha however, is genuinely delicious, so easy to drink and super refreshing. Also if, like me, you live in a part of country that’s a little stuck in the past, and you have to go into the only health food shop for miles to see if they stock things like kombucha, chances are you’ll be met by a tiny 97 year old man behind the counter who’ll look at you with a blank face like you’re a little alien “say it again....what’s that?....oh...No, love, I’ve never heard of kanfutra...”.

Having delivery services for amazing products is such a joy and makes life so much easier.

If you struggle with IBS or any other gut issues, I couldn’t recommend Life Kombucha more 💛