Raspberry chia pudding with creamy cacao oats
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What’s better than beautifully juicy, British raspberries? Not much, and combining them with creamy cacao makes for a heavenly breakfast option. Trying to eat fruit on a low fodmap eating plan can seem like a bit of a minefield, but it really comes down to getting the right portion size for you. I highly recommend using the Monash University app so you can have heaps of easy to follow info at your finger tips. 

This is such a simple breakfast option, that is in keeping with low fodmap fruit portions, takes 5 mins to chuck together, does its thing while you sleep then you can wake up to a delicious and balanced breakfast to set you up for the day ahead.


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Chia pudding 

10 raspberries = 1 low fodmap serving

1/2 cup almond milk

2 tbsp chia seeds

Creamy oats

1/4 cup oats

1/2 cup almond milk

1 tbsp cacao

1 tbsp yoghurt (I use coyo)  

1 tsp vanilla

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Add the raspberries and almond milk to a highspeed blender and blend until smooth. Add to a bowl or airtight container, along with the chia seeds and stir. Cover then pop into the fridge. 

Rise the blender then add all of the oat ingredients to it, blend until combined the transfer to a separate bowl/airtight container.  Cover then leave in the fridge overnight. 

In the morning, serve together along with a selection of your favourite toppings.   

NOTE: I haven’t added any sugar or syrup to the recipe, feel free to adjust the sweetness to suit your personal tastes. 

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